Beach “Golden Sands”

Only 200 meters away from the hotel.

Known for the wide strip and the fine golden sand which gave the name to the resort. It is more than 3,5 km long it spans from the yacht harbor to the north and "Riviera" to the south. The beach attracts thousands of tourist annualy.


Hotel Gradina offer safe and interesting entertainment for your children.  Our playground is located near the park and the pool. It
meets all safety requirements. However we recommend that you do not leave your children unattended.

Garden park

You can take a rest in our garden who offers clean and shaded atmosphere away from the harsh summer sun. Take your time to relax and enjoy the peace and quiet.

Outdoors pool

If you want to have a complete enjoyment of your summer holiday you are welcome to come and swim in our outdoors pool.
Its located near the garden park so you can enjoy the view and chill in the heat of the summer days.
The depth of the pool is 1.35 meters.

Mini market

Always stocked with carefully picked food and drink items with the best prices in the resort.
Convenient working hours for every tourist and easy access from everywhere in the hotel.
Individual service for every guest, you can book an appointment at the reception.
Free for the hotels' guests, clean and arranged with individual air conditioning. It has a direct access to a bathroom and showers.
Infrared cabin
Book your visit at the reception where you can recieve more information about the service.


Grand Mall Varna
Grand Mall is one of the biggest and most visited shopping center in Bulgaria. More than 200 sites welcome their customers on more than 50,000 square meters. Convenience for visitors is provided by 1,750 parking spaces located on 2 underground and 5 above-ground levels.
In the Grand Mall is located the unique for Bulgaria "Retro Museum", whose exhibition is located on nearly 4000 sq.m. The collection of over 50 cars from the era with the brands "Volga", "Moskvich", "Skoda", "Trabant" and the wax figures of famous people from the same period

Varna Mall
Varna Mall is one of the first retail outlets in Varna and the region, providing a variety of opportunities for leisure, shopping and entertainment suitable for all ages. Offering goods of famous Bulgarian and world famous brands, as well as a number of attractions that make your stay in the mall a real experience.

This is the largest new shopping center in Bulgaria with a total built-up area of ​​over 120,000 square meters, of which over 40,000 square meters are retail space. Entirely based on the modern concept of retail - precisely balanced mix between shops, entertainment and recreation. The center provides over 4000 square meters of entertainment area, which houses the largest cinema outside Sofia - with 12 cinemas, and the only 4DX hall in Varna.

Aladzha Monastery

Aladzha Monastery is located in the beautiful area in the central part of the nature park "Golden sands".
Other than the monastery, visitors can check out the museum which has models exhibition. You can buy souvenirs and information materials.

Nature park
“Golden sands”

For tourists and nature lovers, five tourist and five specialized routes have been build, which present the biological and landscape diversity and are suitable for hiking, nature tourism, cycling, children's tourism, photo tourism, tourism for people with special needs. Along the routes there are recreation areas - sheds and gazebos with benches, tables and fireplaces near ancient fountains. Viewpoints reveal panoramic views of the sea, the park and the resort.

Cathedral of the Assumption of the Virgin

Located in the very center of Varna, today the cathedral is one of the most emblematic buildings in the city. A prayer temple for the people of Varna, at the same time a landmark in the routes of tourists, the cathedral has become one of the symbols of the city.

Roman thermae

One of the most valuable cultural monuments in Varna is the Roman thermae, located in the central part of the city. They are one of the sites of the Archaeological Museum in the city.
The public baths of Odessos are one of the best preserved architectural monuments from the Roman era in Bulgaria (1st-4th centuries AD). They are from the so-called "Small imperial type" and their construction dates back to the end of the second century AD. This is the largest Roman bath on the Balkan Peninsula - with an area of ​​7,000 square meters. It is the fourth largest in Europe - after the baths of Caracalla and Diocletian in Rome and in Trevira (Trier, Germany).

Aqua park “Aquapolis”

Located in the forest of Golden Sands Nature Park. A unique place for fun and relaxation.
On an area of ​​40,000 square meters. are located some of the best water attractions - swimming pools, water slides, jacuzzi, fountains and waterfalls, ancient towers and ruins.
The conceptual design and design of the complex are the work of the Spanish company Action Park Multiforma Grupo SL. AQUAPOLIS is the most beautiful water park in Eastern Europe and the first in Bulgaria.